BMRSBullthistle Model Railroad Society (Norwich, NY)
BMRSBallistic Missile Reentry System
BMRSBeth Meyer Religious School (North Carolina)
BMRSBlue Moon Riding School (Half Moon Bay, CA)
BMRSBig Mama Recording Studios (Seymour, TN)
BMRSBank Mandiri Rating System (Indonesia)
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However, the BMRS was not significantly different between the groups: in the NMES group, four patients (33%) had Stage 2, three patients (25%) had Stage 3, three patients (25%) had Stage 4, and two patients (17%) had Stage 5, while in the control group, four patients (33%) had Stage 1, five patients (42%) had Stage 2, one patient (8%) had Stage 4, and two patients (17%) had Stage 5 (p=0.
Previous Table 9 publication structure Code Title Status BCON Inputs to construction industries no change BNEW New construction no change BRS1 Single-unit residential recoded to BRES BRSM Multi-unit residential discontinued BBLD Non-residential buildings discontinued BHWY Highway and street construction discontinued BHVY Other heavy construction discontinued BMRP Maintenance and repair construction no change BMNR Nonresidential no change BMRS Residential no change Table B.
1097/00004356-200312000-00004 BI = Barthel Index, BI-5 = 5-item BI, BMRS = Brunnstrom's Motor Recovery Stage, BMRS-H = BMRS-hand, BMRS-LE = BMRS-lower extremity, BMRS-UE = BMRS-upper extremity, CCA = Cronbach coefficient alpha, FIM = Functional Independence Measure, ICC = intraclass correlation coefficient, LOS = length of stay, NS = not studied.