BMRTBlue Moon Rendering Tools
BMRTBlue Moon Rendering Tools (Renderman compliant program)
BMRTBlair Morgan Racing Team (snow cross racing)
BMRTBrecon Mountain Rescue Team (Wales, England, UK)
BMRTBone Metastasizing Renal Tumor
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Despite that BMRT is essentially a Canadian model designed to address issues of interest to Canadians, we believe that our work can help serve as a starting point for further research on similar issues of welfare costs on the US side of the border.
Then, we provide a short summary of the CREAP (Canadian Regional Economic Analysis Project) benchmark-equilibrium data set and its companion numerical model BMRT. The following section describes how our regional model needs to be modified to include the added resource costs from border delays.
This section gives a short summary of the basic framework of the CREAP benchmark data set and its companion BMRT numerical model (see Nguyen et al (2007a, b) for details).
The BMRT model is a static provincial CGE model of Canada.
To focus on issues of trade and border delays, we need to make some modifications to both the original CREAP data and BMRT model outlined in the previous section.
With this set-up, both BMRT and CMRT have the capability of representing tradeable GHG permits and endogenous carbon taxes.
The CMRT model differs from BMRT in that some additional features are included so we can represent a selection of key PG policy elements.
But having been a part of the BMRT for more than 30 years - over half his life - it's not surprising that the ex-policeman has seen a few sights.
Now 28, he is the youngest member of the current BMRT cohort, having moved north from Blairgowrie five years ago to work on the Invercauld Estate.