BMSCCBulk Milk Somatic Cell Counts
BMSCCBluegrass Music Society of the Central Coast (Grover Beach, CA)
BMSCCBuccal Mucosa Squamous Cell Carcinoma (cancer)
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(2013), problems on the farm, such as high BMSCC, can be solved if farmers are sufficiently motivated, if farm advisors are sufficiently knowledgeable, and if farmers and advisors work together to execute a jointly determined plan.
The final regression models (multivariable) for the socioeconomic characteristics, the need for technical assistance and the risks associated with TBC and BMSCC are presented in table 2.
The final regression model for BMSCC showed that the producer's place of residence was a factor associated with lower levels of BMSCC.
This survey revealed that the producers who received periodic assistance from a veterinarian (at least once and a maximum of two visits per month) were 3.29 times more likely (P=0.041) to present BMSCC above 595,000 cells/mL compared with producers who did not receive such assistance (Table 2).
(2013) analyzing the milk quality in different milk production ranges in regions of Brazil, found that the BMSCC complied with the legal requirements of 600,000 cells [mL.sup.-1], except for the range with a daily production above 1,000 liters and the total bacterial count was the most critical quality factor, with the highest values found in breeds with milk production above 500 liters per day.
However, in our survey, the milking type classes did not differ in mean BMSCC ([Log.sub.10] cells [mL.sup.-1]) [M -5.62 ([+ or -] 0.242); MS - 5.64 ([+ or -] 0.200)].