BMSPBackbone Multiservice Platform
BMSPBrazilian Meeting on Simulational Physics
BMSPBusiness Management and Sales Process
BMSPBonds Minimum Statistical Plan
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In this study, we report the results from the first three rounds of screening of BMSP and assess the potential cost-effectiveness of a population-based mammography screening program in Turkey.
More information about the BMSP is available elsewhere (16, 18, 19).
We compared the costs and outcomes of two screening strategies: BMSP (which includes three biennial screens for women between 40-69 years of age) and the existing screening policy utilized in Turkey that is referred to as the Turkish National Breast Cancer Registry Program (TNBCRP).
We reported the number of women who were diagnosed with breast cancer in the BMSP and classified the stage of breast cancer at the time of diagnosis using the edition of AJCC staging (20).
Total costs associated with BMSP included (a) salaries (b) expenses for recruiting screening group, (c) purchase and maintenance of devices, and (d) diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up & surveillance of detected breast cancer patients.
As described earlier, the administrative and operational costs in BMSP were estimated separately using the primary-level data.
Namely, we assumed that the proportions of stage 0 and stage I cancers among all cancers under BMSP were equal to the lower bounds for these quantities.
Clinical outcomes and stage distribution observed with BMSP
Founded in 1938, BMSP is a medium-sized, multiple bank operating through 405 outlets (220 branches), formerly controlled by the Vidigal family.
Already Brazil's largest domestic private bank, the consolidation of BMSP into Bradesco will create a bank with total assets reaching some BRL116bn (USD48bn).
With the consolidation of the Brazilian financial market and the expected narrowing of margins, BMSP would have to significantly gain scale, requiring capital injections that proved to be a more difficult undertaking for a family-owned bank.
Established in July 1978, FL is a wholly owned subsidiary of BMSP, operating primarily with vehicle leases (automobiles and heavy vehicles represented 87% of the portfolio, 69% of which new vehicles) taking advantage of BMSP's network.