BMSSCBone Marrow Stromal Stem Cells
BMSSCBracknell Mixed Swim Sauna Club (UK)
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On those scaffolds, BMSSCs are cultured in situ improving bone healing and matrix reabsorption with an osteogenic effect.
The aim of this study is to assess a correct protocol for osteogenic stem cell differentiation of an osteoblastic phenotype on an appropriate substrate: BMSSCs seeded on a bone porcine block (BPB) in order to increase performance in bone regeneration using scaffold from the block and inducing a qualitative superior regeneration with BMSSCs.
The defects were then filled in the following way: one defect with a bone porcine block (BPB) (OsteoBiol, Tecnoss, Coazze, Italy) with BMSSCs was inserted, one filled with bone porcine block left without BMSSCs empty, and one defect was left blank as control.
In the present study, a 3D software analysis of CBCT was performed and histological images were acquired in which BPB implants were well positioned and induced a higher amount of BMD and SUV within the mandibular defects as compared to BPB without BMSSCs. Despite the contribution of BMSSCs, bone formation is visible in both groups.
This study demonstrates that BPB when used as a scaffold to induce bone regeneration may benefit from the addition of BMSSCs in the tissue-engineered constructs.
Bone marrow stromal stem cells (BMSSCs) were obtained from 6 minipigs.