BNACBritish-North American Committee (international alliance association)
BNACBuffalo Neuroimaging Analysis Center (Buffalo General Hospital Jacobs Neurological Institute; Buffalo, NY)
BNACBuilding the New American Community
BNACBi-National Advisory Committee (Texas)
BNACBuccaneer North American Championship
BNACBulacan National Agricultural College
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A business solution company specializing in health care, Innovative Concepts BNAC acts as a broker, helping companies get into a variety of distribution channels that service community pharmacies and a wide range of other health care providers.
Innovative Concepts BNAC has a sales team of 12 consultants and five bilingual reps to help market and secure the ordering process, Stewart says.
It seems that promotion is already in place and the BNAC document is simply justifying what has already been done.
To find out whether younger Canadians, Britons and Americans, on whom the future of the transatlantic relationship depends, have the same positive feelings towards each other as do older generations, the BNAC commissioned two Internet surveys among 20-to-35-year-olds in the three countries.
In addition, the growing interest in all three countries in the promotion of human rights (an issue not explored in the BNAC study) points to closer co-operation in that field.