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A business solution company specializing in health care, Innovative Concepts BNAC acts as a broker, helping companies get into a variety of distribution channels that service community pharmacies and a wide range of other health care providers.
Innovative Concepts BNAC has a sales team of 12 consultants and five bilingual reps to help market and secure the ordering process, Stewart says.
In 1998, seven years before the SPP or BNAC appeared, four "North American" business schools (in Halifax, Montreal, Monterrey, and New York City) teamed up to create the PanAmerican Partnership, a business-training program sponsoring training and research emphasizing North American economic integration, and dedicated to building "the next generation of North American managers." The PanAm Partnership is the first NAFTA-focused business-training program--nearly 350 MBA students from the four partner schools have participated in the MBA plan.
It seems that promotion is already in place and the BNAC document is simply justifying what has already been done.
The glue that binds the relationship among Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States is still strong, despite the end of the Cold War and changing patterns of world trade and investment, concludes a study released in March, 1999 by the British-North American Committee (BNAC).
He further revealed that evaluations of the MRI scans were carried out at the University of Trieste, and at the JNI's Buffalo Neuroimaging Analysis Center (BNAC).