BNBCCBritish North Borneo Chartered Company (Malaysia; 1882-1941)
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The first real clash between Mat Salleh and the BNBCC can be traced back to the year 1894.
He went on to advise Mat Salleh to leave Tambunan; in return for his compliance, the BNBCC promised to help him to achieve his ambition of making a pilgrimage to Mecca (Wookey 1956: 428-31).
Wookey (1956: 450) concluded that Mat Salleh himself was no rogue, but rather a man of outstanding personality and ability who had been driven to oppose the Goverment by a belief (fostered and supported by his wife and advisors) that the coming of the BNBCC had deprived him of his birthright.
Their attacks against the BNBCC continued until 1903, when Kamunta and Langkap surrendered and were sentenced to death.