BNCFBiblioteca Nazionale Centrale Florence (Italy)
BNCFBureau de Normalisation des Chemins de Fer (French: Standardization Bureau of Railways)
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BNCF Poligrafo Gargani 539, #164 (Francesco di Giovanni Cavalcanti); 1068 #91 (Francesco di Girolamo Inghirami).
The BNCF was run from 1885 by Desiderio Chilovi (1835-1905), a music amateur who was aware of the musical treasures preserved in his library.
At the end of the nineteenth century, the BNCF was located near the Uffizi Gallery, in an old palace with very limited space.
A national bibliography of music should not have been an expensive enterprise for BNCF since it already published the Italian national bibliography.
The new head of the library, Salomone Morpurgo (1860-1942), taking into account staff shortages and the number of books to be treated in the main collections, considered separate and specialized music cataloguing a non-sustainable 'luxury' and the establishment of a separate music section in BNCF an excess.
Between 1906 and 1907, Bonaventura tried everything he could to promote the special treatment of music heritage in BNCF, supported by the Commissione permanente per l'arte musicale, a permanent state commission for music, where well-known Italian composers and critics acted as consultants: Giuseppe Martucci (1856-1909), Stanislao Falchi (1851-1922), Pietro
Several times the Commission put pressure on the Ministry to adopt measures to improve the uncomfortable situation of music in the BNCF.
Following the suggestions received from Bonaventura, who was now librarian of the Conservatorio di musica Luigi Cherubini, the Commission asked the Ministry to move the music collection from the BNCF to the library of the Conservatorio, where access would have been improved.
But cuts to the BNCF budget caused a reduction in music cataloguing staff, and therefore a reduction in the number of music records in the BNI, which at present lists only a selection of scores published by the most important music publishers active in Italy.
Magazzini digitali on the BNCF website: <http://www.
To the thirty-eight manuscripts listed by Baldassarri, there should be added another seven: Florence, BNCF Naz.