BNCTBoron Neutron Capture Therapy
BNCTBorok National Council of Tripura (est. 1997; India)
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The main differential diagnosis of BNCT is chordoma, a low-grade malignant neoplasm, a diagnosis that carries critical implications and consequences.
The intraosseous component consisted of what appeared to be a BNCT sharply juxtaposed to a proliferation of chordoid cells with minimal nuclear atypia in an intercellular myxoid matrix.
Fast and accurate blood boron monitoring is required for BNCT for the following reasons.
a) Clinically, the most important part of BNCT, the high linear-energy-transfer radiation dose in the tumor and in the surrounding healthy tissue, is dependent solely on the [sup.
Although the BNCT concept may sound simple, its technical aspects are formidable, and scientists have only achieved limited success thus far.
One to two BNCT treatment sessions may be sufficient to destroy a tumor, while keeping the impact of radiation on surrounding healthy tissue to a minimum.
Apart from palliative chemotherapy, conventional treatment was no longer considered possible for the patients treated in the BNCT trial.
MKIF's investment in BNCT will benefit from the involvement of
The BNCT facility for the neutron irradiation of brain tumors treated 13 patients during the period of January-September.
At the BNCT facility at Studsvik, where brain tumors are treated by neutron irradiation, 6 patients were treated during the second quarter of the year.
However, there is a growing interest in the use of accelerator-based neutron sources for producing epithermal neutron beams for BNCT.
Neutron's initial strategy is to focus on the development of a BNCT treatment for Glioblastoma Multiforme, a very aggressive form of brain cancer.