BNCTBoron Neutron Capture Therapy
BNCTBorok National Council of Tripura (est. 1997; India)
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Reportedly, Sumitomo has developed the world's first accelerator-based clinical BNCT system and is conducting clinical trials regarding recurrent head-and-neck and brain cancers in Japan.
"Our team at MU's International Institute of Nano and Molecular Medicine finally found the way to make BNCT work by taking advantage of a cancer cell's biology with nanochemistry," he said.
Larger BNCTs are also seen in a variety of ages and in both sexes, (4,5,16) with the youngest age described thus far, to our knowledge, in a 13-year-old boy.16 Larger BNCTs have been found incidentally during work-up for trauma, neck stiffness from degenerative joint disease, and following a fall or a motor vehicle accident.4,20 When symptomatic, the most common complaint of a BNCT is that of back pain.
BNCT involves infusion of a boron-containing compound into a peripheral vein.
Boron neutron-capture therapy (BNCT) [6] is an experimental binary radiotherapy in which a tumor-localizing, boronated carrier drug is allowed to accumulate in cancerous tissue before neutron irradiation.
HFR is the core installation of the Association of European medical research centres working on a new treatment for encephalic cancer by using the BNCT (Boron Neutron Capture Therapy) techniques.
In case our filler last month on boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT) piqued your curiosity, here is some more on this high tech approach to dealing with some of the deadlier cancers.
Medical technology company RaySearch Laboratories AB (STO:RAYB) announced on Monday that it has entered into an agreement with Neutron Therapeutics Inc, a US based medical equipment company that is developing a comprehensive solution for boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT), regarding treatment planning for BNCT, which is a unique type of radiation therapy that enables targeting of cancer at the cellular level.
"A wide variety of cancers can be attacked with our BNCT technique," Hawthorne said.
Washington, Mar 5 (ANI): Clinical trials at Helsinki University Central Hospital in Finland to assess the efficacy and safety of boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT) indicate that it has the potential to treat patients with advanced head and neck cancer who have not responded to previous treatments.