BNDPBrunei National Development Party
BNDPBet-Nahrain Democratic Party (Iraq)
BNDPBounded Number of Degrees Property (mathematics)
BNDPBrunei National Democratic Party (est. 1985)
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Procedure GRASP(ListSize,MaxIter,RandomSeed); 1 InputInstance(); 2 for k = 1 to MaxIter do 3 InitialSol = BNDP ConstructSol(ListSize); 4 LocalSol = BNDP Local Search(InitialSol); 5 if cost(LocalSol) < cost(BestSolFound) then 6 UpdateSolution(BestSolFound; LocalSol); 7 end for; 8 return BestSolutionF ound;
The pseudo-code of BNDP ConstructSol is given in Figure 2.
The pseudo-code of BNDP Local Search is given in Figure 3.