BNFFBuffalo Niagara Film Festival (New York)
BNFFBlack Nights Film Festival (Tallinn, Estonia)
BNFFBest Nerd Friends Forever
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1) is an important precursor of synthesizing new furazano (furoxano) energetic compounds, such as 3,4-bis (nitrofurazano) furoxan (BNFF) [3, 4], 3,4-bis (aminofurazano) furoxan (BAFF) [3, 5], 3,4-bis (4'-azidofurazano -3'- yl) furoxan (DAZTF) [6], 4-amino-3-(5- tetrazole)furazan(HAFT) and its energetic salts [7], 3,3'-Dicyanodifurazanyl Ether(FOF-2) [8], Oxidative cyclocondensation of 4,4'-diamino-3,3'-bi-1,2,5- oxadiazole and isomeric 3(4)-amino-4(3)-(4-amino- 1,2,5-oxadiazol-3-yl)-1,2,5-oxadiazole 2-oxides [9] and 3,6-bis(3'- aminofurazan-4-yl)-1,4-dioxa-2,5- diazacyclohexa-2,5-diyne (BADDD) [10].
Both men will be present at the various the BNFF Events from Wednesday to Sunday.
The BNFF will induct Madsen and Bishop into the BNFF Walk Of Fame Ceremony with their Walk Of Fame "Star", following the Premiere of "Hell Ride."
Elk in Banff National Park (top)' Banff town (above)' skiing above Lake Louise (inset above)' Bears love the lush green valleys around Bnff