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BNFLBritish Nuclear Fuels Ltd
BNFLBritish Nuclear Fuels Limited (UK)
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The Government wants to privatise BNG, and BNFL has hired investment bank Rothschild to organise a sale, Mr Dewhurst said.
BNFL said their reactors would only produce 10 per cent extra waste and would not pose a serious environmental risk.
Since the start of this financial year, BNFL have put their clean-up activities into a separate company.
The author declares a competing financial interest because he is an employee of BNFL, but the views he expresses here are not necessarily those of his employer.
BNFL is in the process of preparing a case to bid for an extension to the plant's licence next year.
Liverpool-born Mr Parker is due to take up his role at BNFL next month.
BNFL uses approximately 40 litres of Trichloroethylene per month to clean nuclear components with the LM machine.
The return of the MOX fuel to Britain opens the way for Kansai Electric to negotiate new terms with BNFL for the supply of MOX fuel and a re-launch of the stalled ''pluthermal'' energy project.
The volume reduction has helped BNFL keep disposal costs down.
BNFL feels it can do what it likes, and the Irish government isn't going to make waves.
Nor did it mention whether KEPCO will continue business with BNFL in the future.
BNFL is one the world's leading nuclear waste reprocessing and plant decommissioning companies.