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BNFLBritish Nuclear Fuels Ltd
BNFLBritish Nuclear Fuels Limited (UK)
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Since the start of this financial year, BNFL have put their clean-up activities into a separate company.
The author declares a competing financial interest because he is an employee of BNFL, but the views he expresses here are not necessarily those of his employer.
BNFL is in the process of preparing a case to bid for an extension to the plant's licence next year.
For further information please contact: Paul Vallance, Director of Communications, BNFL, Tel: +44-(0)1925-834075, Mobile: +44-(0)7730-801496; Ben Todd, External Relations, British Nuclear Group, Tel: +44-(0)1925-834431, Mobile: +44-(0)7738-039640
BNFL said their reactors would produce only 10 per cent extra waste and would not pose a serious environmental risk.
Liverpool-born Mr Parker is due to take up his role at BNFL next month.
Press: Philip Dewhurst, +44-7909-537642, both for BNFL
Toshiba offered not only the highest price but also the best value, making this the clear-cut best result for our business, for our employees and for the British taxpayers," BNFL Board Chairman Gordon Campbell said.
Lobbying by BNFL and its nuclear affiliates is partially fuelling the calls for a programme of new nuclear reactors in the UK.
BNFL said more than pounds 500million had been spent on discharging 'historic nuclear liabilities' during the 12 months to March 31, adding that their safety record during the year had been the best in their history.
State-owned nuclear firm BNFL reported wider annual losses of pounds 303m yesterday after seeing costs increase at operations including Sellafield in Cumbria.
New BNFL chief executive Michael Parker will lead the company's team working on the review with the Government.