BNOBeroepsorganisatie Nederlandse Ontwerpers
BNOBoys' Night Out (band)
BNOBoyz Nite Out
BNOBau- und Nutzungsordnung
BNOBank of New Orleans (Louisiana)
BNOBladder Neck Obstruction
BNOBaksan Neutrino Observatory
BNOBase Nautique de l'Ouest
BNOBus Nut Online
BNONorleucine Boronic Acid
BNOBowels Not Opened
BNOBulgarian National Observatory
BNOBranchenNachweis Online
BNOBenton Oil and Gas Company (stock symbol)
BNOBurns Municipal Airport, Burns, Oregon (airport code)
BNOBowel Not Open
BNOBlue Note Orchestra
BNOBrown Normal (brewing chemistry)
BNOBroadway Night Out
BNOBritish National (Overseas) [also seen as BN(O)]
BNOBuyer Number
BNOBetegsegek Nemzetkozi Osztalyozasa (Hungarian: International Classification of Diseases)
BNOBig Night Out
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Inc, (MSD) investment, reflects increasing interest from US investors as BNO builds greater visibility in the US
The authors conclude that the CR extract BNO 1055 may in the future prove to be of value in the prevention and possibly the progression of prostate cancers in humans.
Methods: Rats were ovx and fed with food containing either CR BNO 1055 or its triterpene-saponin or polar constituents or with E2 for 4 weeks.
Methods: Rats (n= 10/group) were ovariectomized (ovx) and fed with CR BNO 1055, S-or R-fraction con-taining food (average intake 8.
2003) and if so, whether they can be influenced by the extract of CR BNO 1055.
Home Bank plans to convert the branch and operating systems of the former BNO locations to those of Home Bank in January 2016.
Cimicifuga extract BNO 1055: reduction of hot flushes and hints on antidepressant activity.
A popular feature of the new site includes interviews and photos of the innovative architects and designers - Marcel Wanders, BNO, Shepard Fairey - that have collaborated with Morgans.
In the AhR ligand assay, the CR extract BNO 1055 reduced tracer binding to 71% of the control demonstrating interaction of constituents of this extract with the receptor.
We couldn't be more thrilled to have David and Jose on board," said BNO President Trista Walker.
To test such SERM activities of the BC extract BNO 1420, acute and chronic experiments in ovariectomized (ovx) rats were performed.
Under the terms of the agreement, LABC will be merged with and into Home Bancorp in a two-step transaction and BNO will be merged with and into the Bank.