BNPDBruce Nuclear Power Development
BNPDBromo-Nitro-Propane-Diol (microbiology)
BNPDBioactive Natural Products Database
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The ratepayers association which represents 300 residents in the area surrounding the Bruce plant has long expressed concerns over BNPD site emissions.
In recent years there have been accidental spills of radioactive tritium into Lake Huron from the BNPD.
During this time period, we intend to meet FNRA disclosure qualifications and move BNPD upward from the Pinksheets tier to the Bulletin Board fully reporting status.
HOUSTON, June 16, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Texas Oil and Minerals BNPD Shareholder Update:
com, is pleased to report that BNPD profitability has improved further in the third quarter of our 2011 financial year.
The Limited Information Status upgrade adds a buying security level, as well as confidence, for investors buying shares in BNPD or any company, for that matter," said Tom Gouger, CEO.
Pinksheets: BNPD) has sold its controlling interest in the public entity BNPD to Texas Oil and Minerals, Inc.