BNQBureau de Normalisation du Quebec (Canada)
BNQBibliothèque Nationale du Québec
BNQBaganga, Philippines (Airport Code)
BNQBernhard-Nocht-Quartier (German: Bernhard-Nocht Quarter; German district)
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22 December 2014 - UK-based retailer Kingfisher plc has inked a binding agreement to sell a controlling 70% stake in its BnQ China business to Wumei Holdings Inc for a total cash consideration of GBP 140m (USD 218.72m), the company said on Monday.
Thus, most expressions around mind and intellect were traditionally formed with the term asakng, while much of the modern vocabulary used by the Benuaq for "thought" are loans from Sanskrit (Bnq nyana 'to think' < BI menyana 'to suppose', Skr jnana 'knowledge') and Arabic (e.g.
This colorless and odorless, ultra-pure synthetic fluid, which is formulated to meet the highest standards of environmental efficacy, is now proudly verified for superior quality by BNQ (Bureau de normalisation du Quebec).
The list from the computer was shown to the court and included: Tesco Balaclava & bleach 20; Chinese cleaver and knife 15; DIY tape & clothes cover 5; B&Qbinliners5;safetygogglesandmask 15; BnQ gloves 10; Primark cap/oodie (spelling correct as appeared on list) 15; Marks thermal 10; Priceless Shoes 10; Argos trolley 50; sim x2 10.
A new hydrogen installation code heralds a new era for the advancement of the hydrogen economy in Canada, according to the Bureau de normalisation du Quebec (BNQ).
Its collection is part of the Bibliotheque Nationale du Quebec (BNQ), Quebec's national library
Afin de souligner l'ouverture du nouvel edifice de la Bibliotheque Nationale du Quebec (BNQ) au centre-ville de Montreal, la revue Documentation et bibliotheques propose a ses lecteurs un numero special consacre exclusivement a cet evenement de grande importance dans le milieu bibliotheconomique quebecois.
In the simplest case, consider n identical firms, each producing quantity q at constant marginal cost c and facing a linear inverse demand curve p = a - bnq. Assume a > c so that positive profits are possible.
NORDIPIPE is designed especially for drinking water networks and is approved according to NSF 61 and BNQ. For pressure sewers SEKISUI NordiTube offers NORDIFORCE.
A cultural object of major significance among the Benuaq is the so-called beliq timang, usually translated as the "canine teeth of the tiger." It counts among the most important ritual objects (Bnqpenyentuhuq) in the nowadays rarely-performed procedure called sumpah, or 'oath,' as the final stage in conflict resolution (Bnq besara).
Toute lapidaire soit-elle, l'exclamation resume bien la rencontre de l'oeil et du catalogue de l'exposition inaugurale de la Grande Bibliotheque de la Bibliotheque nationale du Quebec (BNQ).