BNQPBaldrige National Quality Program (NIST)
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guiding organizational planning and opportunities for learning" (BNQP 2005).
BNQP (2005), "Baldrige Education Criteria for Performance Excellence," Baldrige National Quality Program,
BNQP (2005) incorporates behaviors and actions indicative of high levels of market orientation as described in the marketing literature (Jaworski and Kohli 1993; Kohli and Jaworski 1990; Narver and Slater 1990; Slater and Narver 1994) throughout the education criteria for performance excellence.
This study is an extension of previous research (Hammond, Webster, and Harmon 2006), which provided a comparison of the market orientation components to criteria for performance excellence described in the Baldrige Education Criteria for Performance Excellence (BNQP 2005).
Research is also needed to help schools identify their most appropriate balance of market focus toward the various student/stakeholder markets, as discussed by BNQP (2005).