BNSPBroadcast Network Submission Protocol
BNSPBeroepsvereniging van Nederlandse Stedebouwkundigen en Planologen (Dutch: Dutch Professional Association of Urban Designers and Planners)
BNSPBrunei National Solidarity Party
BNSPBladder Neck Support Prosthesis
BNSPBritish National Socialist Party
BNSPBrain Neurite-Stimulating Protein (neurophysiology)
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Transafe Dharma Persada which specializes in Training for trainer Sertifikasi BNSP, Soft skill training and People Development Program.
Moreover, BNSP establishes and supports professional certification bodies (LSP) which are responsible to assess librarian's competencies based on the standard.
(19.) For further information on BNSP, see <>.
The development of the Basic National Security Policy (BNSP) spanned from 30 July to 30 October 1953 with the adoption of NSC 162/2.
As a continuation of the study in this direction, in this paper, we will deal with the initial boundary value problem for BNSP.
The major BNSP now open to scrutiny was issued in March of the following year.
From August through September, the Planning Board worked on drafts of the Basic National Security Policy (BNSP), which was debated in numerous NSC meetings, requiring the reconciliation of policy splits and clarifications.
It is expected that with this award, TransWISH Indonesia will continue to commit to provide the best service, and be able to embed the TransWISH Indonesia brand into the community as a provider of training services Soft skill, People Development Program and Training for trainer of with BNSP certification known with its excellent services.
This certificate was given by LSP Marketing on behalf of the Indonesian Professional Certification Authority (Badan Nasional Sertifikasi Profesi / BNSP).
Registered Training Provider at Ministry of Manpower, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources and Registered Competence Assessment Venue by BNSP More Information can be obtained in Transafe Indonesia website (
* More than 80% internal trainers have been certified by BNSP, Migas or "Kemnaker."