BNSSBournemouth Natural Science Society (UK)
BNSSBedok North Secondary School (Singapore)
BNSSBurris National Speedway Series
BNSSBringing Nutrition Screening to Seniors (Canada)
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Even grandchildren of BNSs will be given the opportunity to become scholars but only one grandchild can enroll in such scholarships.
Since the sum of indeterminacy and its complement is one and complement of truth-membership becomes falsify-membership and vice versa, By Definition 4.2, [epsilon](B) = [epsilon]([B.sup.c]) for any BNSS.
Ejercito said institutionalizing the compensation of BHWs and BNSs and their benefits are now possible since the Universal Health Care (UHC) is already a law.
At the wind speed of 44m/s, the drag coefficient of smooth surface model and BNSS at low speed wind tunnel was shown as table 2.
Let [mathematical expression not reproducible] be two BNSs in the set X = {[x.sub.1],[x.sub.2], ..., [x.sub.n]}, then the following properties can be obtained:
Section 2 provides the preliminaries of bipolar fuzzy sets, bipolar intuitionistic fuzzy sets, BNSs and IBNSs.
Some 900 BNSs gathered in Iloilo City for their Biennial Conference, to renew their spirit of volunteerism especially in assuming significant roles in the implementation of the Philippine Plan of Action for Nutrition 2017-2022.
The BNSs are tasked to identify and refer children with acute malnutrition, monitor their growth towards recovery, as well as enable mother volunteers to provide peer counselling to mothers on in infant and child feeding practices.
[5] defined score, accuracy, and certainty functions in order to compare BNSs and developed bipolar neutrosophic weighted average (BNWA) and bipolar neutrosophic weighted geometric (BNWG) operators to obtain collective bipolar neutrosophic information.
Photo Gallery contest winners participated in by BNSs were Liezle Ustari of Tublay(1st) place; Divina Guilanda of Kibungan(2nd) and Sion Panaten here(3rd).
Regional Nutrition Program Coordinator Rita Papey said BNSs greatly contribute to the implementation of the nutrition program at the barangay level, being the frontliners in providing nutrition services and related services such as community health, backyard food production, environmental sanitation, culture, mental feeding, and family planning.
The congress held at Sison Auditorium here, with its theme LUPang Ilocos BNSs: Kaakibat at maasahan sa serbisyong pang-nutrisyon tungo sa malusog na kinabukasan, was organized by the Pangasinan BNS Federation, Provincial Health Office (PHO) of Pangasinan and the National Nutrition Council (NNC) in Raegion 1.