BNTIBlind Nasotracheal Intubation
BNTIBnai Noach Torah Institute (Georgetown, CO)
BNTIBorder Network Technologies, Inc. (Toronto, Canada)
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BNTI is auseful technique used for intubation in elec-
BNTI is recommended in the management of a difficult airway11.
BNTI is the most commonly used technique employed by anesthesiologists during difficult intubation13.
In our study, the success rate for BNTI in the group "B" was significantly more than in group "A" for the first two attempts.
Failure in BNTI in our study, despite using muscle relaxants,could possibly be owing to the subsequent facts: Firstly, we tried intubating the trachea with two or lesser attempts while the previous investigators had attempted BNTI up to five times.