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BNUBeijing Normal University (China)
BNUBasic Networking Utilities (Unix UUCP Command Set)
BNUBanco Nacional Ultramarino (Angola)
BNUBibliothèque Nationale et Universitaire (French: National and University Library)
BNUBeaconhouse National University (Pakistan)
BNUBrooklyn Northern United (football; Wellington, New Zealand)
BNUBroadband Network Unit (Next Level)
BNUBattle Net Underground (gaming clan)
BNUBengzon Negre Untalan (law firm; Philippines)
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Prof Liu Jian, Director of the China Education Innovation Institute at BNU, and lead author, said the report, "offers advice on how to nurture 21st century competencies among young people," and that this represented a new direction in educational reform worldwide.
BNU opened a representative office about ten years ago in Shanghai.
NBI and BNU conducted a simultaneous raid on a showroom at the Market
The film festival will screen award winning short films and documentaries of BNU students as well as having entries from other well known institutions such as NCA, KC, FC etc.
After the conference portion of the event, the panelists and myself enjoy a decadent meal unique to Beijing culinary culture, where the intellectual debates of the previous hours dissolve into a myriad individual conversations continuously interrupted by toasts offered to our BNU hosts, their guests, and their American counterpart (who will toast and be toasted fifty times before the end of the night).
We've been busy all day," said one BNU bank official, who spoke on condition of anonymity.
Members of the board as well as deans of various BNU schools, guests and parents of the graduating students were also present, a press release stated.
Under the agreement, VUTV will showcase BNU students' video thesis on its TV channels and will also promote the segment through social media mobilization among student communities.
The Central Bank of Timor-Leste (East Timor) has announced that it has authorised the BNU Timor bank of Portuguese state group Caixa Geral de Depssitos (CGD) to start mobile banking transactions.
BNU officials have denied all links with the vandal act, saying that they do not oppose Islam and that there is no way that one of their party members could do that.
The BNU in Lahore and Hunerkada in Islamabad are also missing.