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The allusions above use BNW to indicate salient ethical issues around medicine and biotechnology and revivify those issues in contemporary debate, but they also leave open the possibility of expanding the range of meanings that the novel can bear.
Allusory uses of BNW typically include brief references to its author or to details from the opening chapters of the book.
While allusions maintain and potentially expand the issues addressed by BNW, most rhetors who attempt to alter the novel's meaning attenuate it through the use of traditional allegory.
This ideology becomes the pretext shaping the use of BNW as a traditional allegory.
Russell Saltzman, a Lutheran minister who writes for the conservative religious journal First Things and works with the anti-abortion group Lutherans for Life, offers BNW as a narrow story inveighing against embryonic stem cell research:
97) Saltzman transforms BNW into an allegory of science versus pro-life morality.
Kass goes beyond the attempt by Saltzman to constrain the interpretation of BNW. Not only does Kass reframe BNW as a traditional allegory for conservative bioethics, he also delegitimizes other ethical issues about biotechnology and their capacity to be articulated by references to BNW.
Kass (2001b) presents BNW as a warning against the humanitarian impulses frequently used to justify medicine and medical research.
Kass' allegory reworks BNW as a judgment that, when invoked, closes conversation and condemns any given medical or technological practice as destructive of human being.
Kass' white paper also explicitly undermines the ability of BNW to convey other concerns.
The traditional allegory of BNW created by Kass is imported into the PCBE's 2003 report Beyond Therapy: Biotechnology and the Pursuit of Happiness.
From its outset, Beyond Therapy (2003) employs an allegory of BNW. The report's introduction observes, "Not everyone agrees that this prophesied new world will be better than our own.