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BOADBanque Ouest-Africaine de Développement (French: West African Development Bank)
BOADBurden of a Day (band)
BOADBulletin Officiel d'Annonces des Domaines (French: Official Bulletin of Ad Domains)
BOADBrotherhood Of Ale Drinkers
BOADBridges over Asian Dreams (Japan)
BOADBig O and Dukes (radio show)
BOADBust Out Apparel Designers (fitness clothing)
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It rolls away from its source with so inconsiderable a current, that it appears unlikely to escape being dried up by the hot season, but soon receiving an increase from the Gemma, the Keltu, the Bransu, and other less rivers, it is of such a breadth in the plain of Boad, which is not above three days' journey from its source, that a ball shot from a musket will scarce fly from one bank to the other.
Cet atelier qui se deroule a l'hotel Azalai, a Marcory (Abidjan Sud), se justifie, selon la BOAD, par son souci d'accelerer l'execution des projets et programmes qu'elle finance.
Implementation of a technical assistance mission to support the west african development bank (boad) in the implementation of its "environment and climate" strategy through: (i) capacity building actions and the implementation of dedicated tools, and (ii) support for the structuring of climate projects, enabling the bank to strengthen the maturity of its climate portfolio.
BOAD is a sub-regional multilateral development bank (MDB) based in Lome, Togo, providing financing for the West African Economic and Monetary Union's (Union Economique et Monetaire Ouest-Africaine; UEMOA) regional members states (RMS), Benin, Burkina Faso, Cote d'Ivoire (B+/Stable), Guinea Bissau, Mali, Niger, Senegal and Togo.
How is the BOAD currently performing with regard to its 2015--2019 Strategic Plan?
Discussions focused on BOAD ambitions for the coming years, as expressed in its Strategic Plan for 2015-2019.
The rating agency Fitch has assigned The Development Bank of West Africa (BOAD) a long-term issuer rating of 'BBB' with a stable outlook.
The key factors of BOAD's Baa1 rating are the following:
Parmi elles, Cheikh Hadjibou Soumare, President de la Commission de l'UEMOA, Christian Adovelande, President de la BOAD, Herve Assah, representant de la Banque mondiale au Togo, Alioune Sall, directeur general du think tank African Futures Institute, Cody Lee, directeur de la Singapore Business Federation, Felix Bikpo, directeur general de African Guarantee Fund, Jean-Louis Ekra, president d'Afreximbank, Amadou Kane, ancien ministre des Finances du Senegal et Momar Nguer, directeur Afrique de Total Supply & Marketing.
On behalf of the JLM, the ICD and Citi, he congratulated the legal counsels and the experts who participated in the project preparation as well as the regulators and the BOAD, a strategic partner in the transaction through its securitization subsidiary.
In addition to experts from the ECOWAS Commission, the meeting was also attended by representatives of intergovernmental organizations and partner institutions such as the ECOWAS Bank for Industrial Development (EBID), the West African Economic and Monetary Union (UEMOA) Commission, and the West African Development Bank (BOAD).
Le conseil d'administration de la Banque ouest-africaine de developpement (BOAD) a emis, dans un communique final, un "avis favorable" a la proposition d'entree du Royaume du Maroc dans le capital de l'institution.