BOAIBudapest Open Access Initiative
BOAIBalloon-Occluded Arterial Infusion
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URP and NRP were merged into a uniform Resident Pension system in 2014; PEP was merged into BOAI in 2015, making BOAI the uniform program for all employees in urban sectors.
La BOAI (Budapest Open Access Initiative por sus siglas en ingles) senala: la razon por la cual es ahora posible el acceso abierto, es porque la Web ofrece un medio para la libre diseminacion de bienes, se reconoce que existen costos para producir literatura revisada por pares aunque los servicios de revision sean suministrados gratis por los cientificos, la BOAI describe dos rutas de publicacion en las cuales puede realizarse el trabajo de acceso abierto, ruta verde y ruta dorada [3].
Even the BOAI has not remained static--the principles were updated in 2012 to reflect a decade of evolution within the scholarly communications ecosystem.
Like most manifestos, the BOAI statement is a cleverly designed document that substitutes "motherhood and apple pie" dogma for critical thought.
The surveys were conducted in the main channel of Baise Reservoir, almost from the Yintun dam to Boai estuary during October 23th to 29th in 2013.
Boai Enterprise Group (China) operates nearly 100 hospitals and medical institutions offering general and specialist services.
Institutional Review: This study was approved by the Medical Ethics Committee of China Rehabilitation Research Center and Beijing Boai Hospital.
Dr Boai Zhang and team from the First Affiliated Hospital, Zhengzhou University found that resveratrol improved learning and memory ability in vascular dementia rats, decreased malonyldialdehyde levels, and increased superoxide dismutase activity and glutathione levels in the hippocampus and cerebral cortex of vascular dementia rats.
The new recommendations come 10 years after the Budapest Open Access Initiative (BOAI).