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BOALBuilding Officials Association of Louisiana (Baton Rouge, LA)
BOALBasic Organization of Associated Labor (Yugoslavia, socialism)
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The purchase of Zurich Trust Limited marks the development of Boal & Co pension trustee services into Jersey following a latest expansion of its operations in Gibraltar.
But now, in sworn affidavits, Biggs and Gordon Goody - two of only four known survivors of the gang - have confessed engineer Boal was innocent and went to prison because neither the cops nor the robbers ever admitted he'd been fitted up.
The New York engagement at City Center includes Apollo, staged by artistic director Peter Boal, and Concerto Barocco and Agon, staged by Francia Russell.
Boal, a meticulous investigative reporter, picked up the phone and started working his sources.
Boalhad both picked up his first win of a consistent season Jimmy Dougan in race two and secured second place overall, ahead of Boal.
Boal then scored his second, Camara's strong shot was parried by the keeper for Boal to stroke home.
Writer Boal spent a month embedded with Sarver's unit for Playboy magazine.
VENICE: US journalist Mark Boal won this year's Gucci Group award for his screenplay of "The Hurt Locker," a powerful 2008 movie about US soldiers in Iraq.
To celebrate the fifth anniversary of her promotions business, Ms Boal ordered a run of the fortified wine with a specially-designed label showing Liverpool's waterfront buildings.
HAVING OFFERED to help the Workers' Party (PT - Partido Trabalhadores) with a 1992 election campaign in Rio de Janeiro, Augusto Boal agreed to run as a candidate for muncipal office.
Boal, sixty-eight, is Brazil's best known theatrical director, a gray-haired dynamo who spent fifteen years in exile after being tortured, jailed, and then banished by the Brazilian military dictators who ruled from 1964 to 1985.