BOAMPBulletin Officiel des Annonces des Marchés Publics (French: Official Bulletin of Publication of Public Procurement Notices; France)
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Contract notice: assessment of the impacts of public environmental agricultural policy and conduct of a climagri diagnosis on the territory of ternois 7 vallesthis new consultation follows the declaration without continuation of a first procedure, published in the boamp on 12/03/2019 under the reference 19 -38,882
Deadline for receipt of offers or requests to participate:07/06/2019 12 H 00 Advertisement BOAMP n 19-71856 / JOUE n 2019 / S 089-212821
the first procedure (announcement published (id_jo: 18-136108) published in boamp diff no2018_273 of 2018-09-30 and announcement appeared in the joue 2018 / s 190-428815 of 2018-10-03).
Deadline for receipt of offers or requests to participate: 17/05 / 2019 to 12 H 00 Announcement BOAMP n 19-66763
It follows the previous consultation in accordance with a procedure adapted for lots 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 15 declared without continuation: opinion boamp no18-25178 of march 1, 2018 for lots 11 and 15 avis boamp no18-56798 of may 11, 2018 for the lot 9 avis boamp no17-166006 of december 19 2017 for lots 10, 12 and 13
Main features: adapted procedure contract pursuant to articles l2123-1, r2123-1 paragraph 1, r2123-4 of the public order code subject to a public notice of competition to the boamp (publication only on the website) web) sent via the buyer profile of the community (www.Achatpublic.Com) .This consultation was the subject of two previous consultations in adapted procedure.
Contract notice: acquisition of a computerized management system and a conveyance of professional clothing and linen in form for the center hospitalier du mans this consultation results from the adapted procedure (cs eqhm 19-002) of which lot no 1 was declared unsuccessful (boamp opinion opinion no 19-20136 le 07/02/2019).