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BOASTBlack Oil Applied Simulation Tool (software; US Department of Energy)
BOASTBasic Office Administration Skills Training (Business IQ)
BOASTBusiness Oriented Applications of Security Technologies
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In his desperation George boasted, "I'm going to be a big man, the biggest that ever lived here in Winesburg," he de- clared.
The Kings of Aethiopia draw their boasted pedigree from Minilech, the son of this Queen and Solomon.
And yet, if the truth must be told, this wretch, who had stolen what was the boast of man, and the dowry of a woman, did not consider himself as a thief.
Hunt's visit they still boasted about two hundred warriors and hunters, but they are now fast melting away, and before long, will be numbered among those extinguished nations of the west that exist but in tradition.
It is, in fact, a caricature of the boasted romance of feudal times; chivalry in its native and uncultured state, and knight-errantry run wild.
But that was not true, for it was his master who had them: but he boasted.
And it became so, all the rags were turned into white paper; but the collar came to be just this very piece of white paper we here see, and on which the story is printed; and that was because it boasted so terribly afterwards of what had never happened to it.
But the beggar must have boasted of it at the next tavern; or a little bird perched among the branches of a neighboring oak must have sung of it.
She took him to her heart and boasted of him; like one made young herself by the great event, she joyously dressed her pale daughter in her bridal gown, and, with smiles upon her face, she cast rice after the departing carriage.
Paul, when he boasts of himself, he doth oft interlace, I speak like a fool; but speaking of his calling, he saith, magnificabo apostolatum meum.
However, they will boast more features such as better bass response and sensors for heart rate monitoring.
The question of how to boast so as to minimise its negative social effects and maximise its positive psychological effects deserves its own post.