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BOATBased on a True Story (Yo Gotti album)
BOATBest of All Time
BOATBust Out Another Thousand (boating)
BOATByway Open to All Traffic (UK)
BOATBankruptcy on a Trailer
BOATBreak Out Another Thousand (boating slang)
BOATBoat Operator Accredited Training (Lifesaving Society, Canada)
BOATBuilding Officials Association of Texas (Austin, TX)
BOATBlow Out Another Thousand (boating slang)
BOATBring Over Another Thousand (boating slang)
BOATBuoyancy Operated Aquatic Transport (Phineas and Ferb; TV show)
BOATBase-station Over the Air Testing (Agilent Technologies Inc.)
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The figures in this boat were those of a strong man with ragged grizzled hair and a sun-browned face, and a dark girl of nineteen or twenty, sufficiently like him to be recognizable as his daughter.
All at once the out-stretched arm gave a peculiar motion and then remained fixed, while the boat's five oars were seen simultaneously peaked.
As he was studying it out, Starbuck took a long cutting-spade pole, and with his knife slightly split the end, to insert the letter there, and in that way, hand it to the boat, without its coming any closer to the ship.
In a little while two others appeared on horseback, and rode up abreast of the boats. They had seen the presents given to their comrades, but were dissatisfied with them, and came after the boats to ask for more.
The boat was now very close, and I could make out plainly that it was lying head to wind and sea and dragging on its mast and sail, which had been thrown overboard and made to serve as a sea-anchor.
I had looped it round slowly and cautiously, and tied it up in the middle, and folded it in two, and laid it down gently at the bottom of the boat. Harris had lifted it up scientifically, and had put it into George's hand.
Instead, the same energy that had done these things flowed into the wasted muscles and reeling wills of the men, making them move--nay, moving them--till they tottered the several intervening miles to the cached boat, underneath which they fell together and lay motionless a long time.
It requires two fishermen to set such a net,--one to row the boat, while the other, standing in the stern, carefully pays out the net.
We had, upon the first appearance of the boat's coming from the ship, considered of separating our prisoners; and we had, indeed, secured them effectually.
I felt mortified to be of so little use in the boat; but, there were few better oarsmen than my two friends, and they rowed with a steady stroke that was to last all day.
At night they landed, hauled up their boat to dry, pitched their tent, and made a rousing fire.
We made a race of it, and I would never have believed that a common boat's crew of a merchantman could keep up so much determined fierceness in the regular swing of their stroke.