BOBDBoulevard of Broken Dreams (song)
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The King and is Nobls thinke they may sleepe in quiet, Now they have given us a little holy water at the Court, But thers no such matter, we be no such fooles, To be bobd out with words and after come to hanging ...
Straw's position is that the King cannot be trusted and the rebels, as they were earlier when waiting for the King to meet them, should not be deceived by the King's lies--"bobd out." As the King emerges, it is clear that the conflict will be played out as a crisis of legitimacy; Straw sees the King trying to bob-out the rebels and the King declares that the rebels, by virtue of not following Hob Carter's hasty surrender, "stand not to their words" (III 188).
Straw's whole point in the conversation about the sword is that he does not trust anyone and we know from beforehand that he will not be "bobd with words" by the King.