BOBIBreak Out Break in
BOBIBarème Officiel Belge des Invalidités (French: Official Belgian Disabilities Scale)
BOBIBreak-Out/Break-In (Cisco)
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BOBI was the brainchild of David Sandoval, holistic educator, entrepreneur, inventor and innovator in the world of entertainment and beauty, who saw a tremendous opportunity to help use BOBI Girls to change the face of beauty forever.
Typically, a book filled with this much imagery and metaphor might be a cumbersome read, yet because Bobis focuses her language primarily on food, it is easier to absorb the floridness of the prose as it flows from flavor to flavor.
Bobis awards a bonus of PS6,000 for qualified two-year-olds winning any Class 2-4 maiden, nursery or conditions race, plus Class 5 fillies' maidens, in 2013.
If well supported, Bobis will provide a substantial increase in prize-money for the middle tier of racing with owners, breeders, trainers and staff all benefiting.
The only reasons for introducing Bobis have been to boost the image of British racing.
Dollar drew attention to Bobis offering multiple bonus payouts to encourage owners and trainers to run their horses more often, and the reduced cost of registering large numbers of foals to the scheme compared with the Racing Post Yearling Bonus.
I WRITE in support of the excellent new Bobis initiative that the BHA announced last month, amid some disappointing comments that have been circulating recently.
Osborne said: "Existing selfhelp schemes such as the European Breeders' Fund and Racing Post Yearling Bonus have succeeded as pan-European, racehorse owner-focused initiatives: we had hoped that Bobis would follow their examples.
Dermot Cantillon of Tinnakill House Stud in County Laois said: "Paul Thorman, a British commercial breeder who I greatly respect, said in yesterday's paper that Bobis is 'anti-Irish' and he's right.
British breeders were previously in receipt of PS700,000 in breeders' prizes prior to the Bobis discussions, but that has been reduced to PS400,000 in future to help fund this scheme.
In its introductory year Bobis has been designed to complement the European Breeders' Fund and will have around 450 qualifying races.
In urging breeders and vendors to support Bobis (the British Owners and Breeders Incentive Scheme) he highlights the figures, revealed in the Racing Post last week, that show the UK foal population remains in decline, emphasising the need to encourage British breeders.