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BOBOSBourgeois Bohemians (Bobos in Paradise: the New Upper Class and How They Got There, Author: David Brooks)
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On ne sait jamais Alors, des qu'il y a le moindre pepin, meme si ca n'est que le fait d'avoir avale un peu d'eau du robinet en se brossant les dents, on va illico presto voir l'un des innombrables maEtres Bobos. Et aucun bobo ne leur resiste.
Bobos, for Brooks, are the "new upper class" whose status is fundamentally determined by education, rather than by breeding, inheritance, or belonging to "the establishment." Their signal achievement is to have fused the bourgeois mind-set which dominated the 1950s and, in a different way, the 1980s, with bohemian "counter-culture" values of the 1960s.
'Bobos have begun to create a set of standards and mores that work in the new century', he says.
I found Bobos in Paradise to be a most informative and compelling account of an important cultural consequence of the information age in which we live.
According to the book, which was published by Simon & Schuster in May, bobos are a breed of affluent consumers who are into inconspicuous consumption.
Brooks concludes his book by saying the answer is for bobos to mimic the WASP elites of the '40s and take a leadership role in government institutions.
According to the London daily Elaph, "Bobos" is produced by the art production company "Goodnews."
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