BOCCSBuyantanshi Open Christian Community Schools (Zambia, Central Africa)
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The cooperative combining gain of the proposed BOCCS algorithm is analyzed in case of a non-ideal reporting channel.
The performance of the proposed BOCCS with MRC is compared to that of BOCCS with conventional equal gain combining (EGC) when the measurements are received at the FC from all spectrum sensing nodes (J = 10) or from only the first two spectrum sensing nodes (J = 2).
A block diagram of the proposed secure BOCCS (SBOCCS) algorithm is shown in Figure 3 and is described as follows:
The BOCCS algorithm, as explained by Algorithm 3, is operated on the authenticated measurement matrix [Y.
While SBOCCS attempts to reconstruct the measured PU signal using the authenticated measurements only, BOCCS attempts to reconstruct the PU signal with all J = 20 received measurements.