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On the other hand, the intercultural education promotes the interaction between the members of different cultures, hence, making possible the exchange of values and attitudes (Ionescu, 2011, apud Andronache, Bococ, Budiu, 2011; Palaiologou, Dietz, 2012).
In the field of psycho, the term competence was defined by the numerous correlations, for example, by comparing him with related terms: capacity, skill, knowledge, procedural knowledge strategic (Zada, 1999), through its settlement in parallel with the term pair: the default standards conforming to the performance (Lee, Parot, 1999) and, in relation to this, the ability to meet the requirements associated with a role (or professional), by reference to sets of underlying manifestation (Bococ, 2006) or, on the contrary, by reference to the character of the event, showing what is the function of the complex context in which jurisdiction is sought (Richelle apud Doron, Parot, 1999; Chis, 2005).