BOCRBase Overhead Cost Recovery
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This was achieved through conducting a literature search that identified nine LTI alternatives and several BOCR criteria for the model.
After ranking the LTIs, the panel ordered each of the BOCR parameters, lessening them to a more practical number for the ANP stage.
After identifying the most important BOCR parameters and LTI alternatives through the future search conference in Stage 1 of the study; the study moved into Stage 2, which entailed combining these elements into an ANP model to identify the most sustainable LTI.
In the first level, the optimum brand extension strategy (the goal) is located, the BOCR parameters (main criteria) and the BOCR sub-factors (sub-criteria) are situated in the second and third levels, respectively, and the brand extension strategies (alternatives) are located in the last level.
where [W.sub.1] is a matrix that reflects the impact of the overall purpose (selecting the optimal brand extension strategy) on the main criteria (BOCR factors); [W.sub.2] is the matrix that represents the impact of each of the main criteria on each other or inner independence of the BOCR factors; [W.sub.3] is the vector that shows the impact of the main criteria (BOCR factors) on each of the sub-criteria (BOCR sub-criteria); [W.sub.4] is the matrix that reflects the impact of the sub-criteria (BOCR sub-criteria) on each of the alternatives; and I is the identity matrix.
In order to perform the ANP methodology for obtaining the importance weights of the BOCR factors, the algorithm employed is stepwise as follows:
Based on the four perspectives of the BOCR research framework, AHP is first used to obtain the weights of the indexes.
Section 1 provides an evaluation analysis (including the concept of the BOCR Model, and MCDM methods).
The concept of BOCR (benefits, opportunity, costs, and risks) was developed by Saaty (1996), Saaty and Ozdemir (2003).
Analysis of benefits, opportunities, costs, and risks (BOCR) with the AHP/ANP: A critical validation, Mathematical and Computer Modelling, Vol.
The ANP with BOCR has been successfully employed in many different fields (Table 1).
It is clear that the ANP with BOCR has demonstrated its capabilities and efficiencies as a practical management and decision making tool.