BOCRBase Overhead Cost Recovery
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The original model had equal weightings for each of the BOCR criteria; i.
Selected BOCR parameters Criterion Sub-criteria/Parameters Benefits Access to better teachers Improved learning outcomes Increased productivity Opportunities Access to teachers/learning resources Drive economic development for companies that make LTIs Eradicate poverty Costs/Resources Affordability Teacher training/competence Access to power/electricity Risks Teacher non-adoption Not addressing end-user requirements Religion and taboo Table 4.
Without taking into account the dependence among the BOCR factors; calculate the importance weights of the factors with a Saaty's (1-9) scale (Saaty 1980).
Calculate the inner dependence matrix of each BOCR factor with respect to the other factors with a 1-9 scale.
Measure the interdependent priorities of the BOCR factors.
Calculate the local importance weights of the BOCR sub-factors with a 1-9 scale.
Any principle in BOCR has significant effects on the strategy choice and the chosen strategy has the highest weight.
The four perspectives of BOCR are taken as the framework for establishing tablet PCs evaluation indicators in this study.
Hierarchical framework of the BOCR evaluation criteria
For achieving the aim, the fuzzy ANP method is employed to obtain the relative weights of BOCR criteria but not the entire evaluation process to reduce the large number of pairwise comparison.
In order to evaluate the stability of the results a sensitivity analysis of BOCR factors is discussed in Section 7.
Linguistic terms for the weights of the BOCR factors and evaluation indicators are depicted in Table 3.