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BODBiochemical Oxygen Demand
BODBeauty of the Day (Tank Girl)
BODBiological Oxygen Demand
BODBooks on Demand
BODBoard Of Directors
BODBrian O'Driscoll (Irish rugby player)
BODBurden of Disease
BODBrotherhood of Doom
BODBoard of Deputies of British Jews (UK)
BODBandwidth on Demand
BODBenefit of the Doubt
BODBusiness Object Designer
BODBook on Demand
BODBased on Demand
BODBusiness Object Dispatcher
BODBrothers of Destruction (professional wrestling team; World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.)
BODBasis of Design (document)
BODBetter Off Dead
BODBunkers on Delivery (shipping)
BODBulletin Officiel des Douanes (French: Official Customs Bulletin)
BODBrown-Out Detection
BODBrown Out Detection
BODBarrels of Oil per Day
BODBrides of Destruction (band)
BODBeware of Dog
BODBusiness Object Document
BODBusiness of Dentistry Magazine (UK)
BODBeneficial Occupancy Date
BODBid Opening Date
BODBeginning Of Day
BODBordeaux, France - Merignac (Airport Code)
BODBulk Order Deed (Ultima online gaming)
BODBishop O'Dowd High School (California)
BODBringer of Death (gaming, World of Warcraft)
BODBeginning Of Data
BODBag of Donuts (band)
BODBase Ordnance Depot
BODBusiness Office Director
BODBorn on Date (Budweiser freshness date)
BODBattery Operated Device
BODBasic Oxygen Demand
BODBuy on Dips
BODBusiness Operating Division
BODBlack Out Drunk (Internet slang)
BODBottom of Duct (HVAC)
BODBuilding Occupancy Date
BODBright Object Detector
BODBottom of the Draw
BODBasic Operational Data
BODBeginning of Descent (flight planning)
BODBackup on Demand (data management)
BODBill of Distributions (supply chain management)
BODBulletin Officiel du Département (French: Official Bulletin of the Department)
BODBeneficial Occupancy Determination
BODBilling Operations Development
BODBreak of Day Design Studio LLC (Desoto, TX)
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Chairman BoD Pesco hailed the steps taken by CEO Pesco for the betterment of Entity and extended BoD's full cooperation to Pesco Management.
Byddech chi'n meddwl ei bod gorfod penderfynu a ddylai hi anfon ei mab am flwyddyn mas i'r blaned Mawrth neu beidio, yn hytrach nag ystyried caniatau i'w mab gael addysg Gymraeg.
The development of compact and efficient unit operations such as influent clarifiers, demineralizers, membrane separation equipment, and BOD reduction facilities all provide "more for less" to the paper industry.
The BOD is also working to establish scholarship opportunities for active members.
This requires BOD members to be cognisant of these boundaries and willing to listen, discuss and critically evaluate decisions in light of these boundaries.
The Hong Kong-Los Angeles route was the logical choice for our pilot BoD product launch," says Brillson, Chairman and Co-Founder of ACE.
The first session included the AOC Educational Foundation Board (AEF) meeting as well as a full BOD meeting.
Proposed solutions were to reduce the volume of discharge and/or reduce the BOD content of the wastes.
The proposed hypothesis was that particulate organic matter was the rate limiting parameter in RBC nitrification when the influent soluble BOD was low and hydraulic loading, alkalinity, temperature, and ammonia were sufficient for nitrification.