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BODBBerkeley Options Data Base (Univesity of California, Berkeley)
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In the Irish legends, there was a High King called Bodb Dearg, who was the eldest son of the Dagda, and the first High King after the Milesians conquered Ireland.
The legend of Scathniamh and Caoilte is barely a footnote to the story of her father, Bodb Dearg, who plays a much more prominent role in Tuatha De Danaan legend and politics when a struggle of, literally, godlike proportions breaks out between the Dagda's sons over who will assume kingship on their father's death.
BODB integrates models and summaries of empirical data via Brain Operating Principles (BOPs) that make explicit general insights into "how the brain works." The full payoff for this effort will be realized only by wholesale federation with other databases.