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Dividing first will result in an answer of 16 (BODMAS) while muliplying ends in a one (PEMDAS)
There are conventions about the order of operations to try to resolve this, sometimes called BODMAS in UK schools.
Using the Bodmas convention, this simplifies to N + 3 - N = 3.
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Everyone is using BODMAS as outlined in de Mestre (2009), so this television program is a further illustration of the mathematical ideas that your students need to develop.
Discovery: Bodmas. The Australian Mathematics Teacher, 65(3), 20-21.
The mnemonic BODMAS is used to remind students of the order in which a multi-operational calculation should be attacked.
Students should be told that the spreadsheet calculations in Excel use BODMAS, and therefore the answer given will be 37 since the multiplication is to be performed first of all.
By their very nature, statements such as, "Undo the multiplication and division before the addition and the subtraction," or, "Use the BODMAS rule in reverse," promote a rote-learning approach (sometimes incorrectly remembered) over approaches that encourage inference-making, connections and understanding.