BODMABritish Oncology Data Managers Association (UK)
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Students conjoined the algebraic terms in the bracket by misapplying the BODMAS rule of arithmetic in algebra.
Incorrect order of operations errors occurred because students did not apply the BODMAS rule in algebraic expressions involving multiplication.
They were confused between the multiplication and the addition of variables and did not apply the BODMAS rule when simplified algebraic expressions involving multiplication.
Use exactly two twos (2) and any BODMAS operations to make as many different numerals as possible.
Only four different answers are possible and BODMAS did not have to be used because there were no multiple operations.
Use exactly three threes (3) and BODMAS operations to make as many numerals as possible.
As powers or indices are not part of BODMAS and the latter expression is probably beyond the mathematical knowledge of many junior high school students, they are not included here.