BOECBreckenridge Outdoor Education Center
BOECBureau of Emergency Communications
BOECBogong Outdoor Education Centre (Australia)
BOECBovine Oviduct Epithelial Cell (reproduction)
BOECBlood Outgrowth Endothelial Cell
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According to the experimental purpose, BOEC pellets were suspended and cultured in DMEM containing 10% FBS for 2-3 days on 4-well plates (a density of 1x[10.sup.5] cells per well), 6-well plates (a density of 2x[10.sup.5] cells per well) and 96-well plates (a density of 1x[10.sup.4] cells per well) in DMEM containing 10% FBS at 37[degrees]C in 5% C[O.sub.2] in air.
Repeated measures ANOVA was used to test the main effects of melatonin and SNP on cell viability and LPO, and subsequent development rates of bovine IVM/IVF embryo with BOEC co-culture.
The cell viability, LPO and expression of apoptosis and antioxidant genes in BOEC pre-treated with melatonin (1,000 [micro]M) in the presence or absence of SNP (1,000 [micro]M) are indicated in Figure 3.
BOEC will also offer a SOLO Wilderness First Responder (WFR) Course (May 1-10, $450) and an Outdoor Educator's Introduction to High and Low Ropes Elements (May 12-13, $175).
Each group determines its own goals and the BOEC designs custom courses to help clients achieve them.
BOEC facilitators lead post-activity discussions about what worked and what didn't.
The Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center (BOEC), a facility that adapts outdoor adventure activities, now has opened Griffith Lodge, for groups and families.
While staying at the lodge, guests may take advantage of BOEC's adaptive ski programs.
Several types of somatic cell have been used for in vitro culture of bovine embryos including bovine oviduct epithelial cell (BOEC), granulosa cell, uterine fibroblasts, trophoblastic vesicles and buffalo rat liver cells (Orsi and Reischl, 2006).
The goal of the present study was to investigate the factors affecting increased in vitro developmental rates when Hanwoo IVM/IVF embryos were co-cultured with BOEC. The present study was designed to determine 1) the effects of the BOEC co-culture system on in vitro development rate of bovine IVM/IVF embryos, 2) the effect of status of BOEC on in vitro development of bovine embryos, and 3) detection of the temporal patterns of expression of growth factor genes (TGF, EGF and IGFBP), antioxidant genes (Cu/Zn-SOD, Mn-SOD, Catalase and GPx) and apoptosis genes (Bax, p53 and Caspase-3) in different types of BOEC co-cultured with or without bovine IVM/IVF embryos.