BOEFBeams On Elastic Foundation (mathematical model)
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what-PART / what-NOM you think-2SG who Harry-COM dance-PST-3SG 'Who do you think danced with Harry?' Following Schoorlemmer (2009 : 126-128) and Boef (2013 : 48-49), I take the syntactic feature specifications to be dependent on the morphological realization of these features, meaning that the lack of a value (under-specification) for an attribute corresponds to a morphologically unrealized feature.
In keeping with De Boef and Keele (2008), we calculate the long-term effect as -0.01.
de Boef (Eds.), Encouraging diversity: The conservation and development of plant genetic resources.
All Germanic variants mentioned in KLEIN (Bofa, bofa, boeve, boef, Buobo, Bube) contain a bilabial plosive followed by a rounded high vowel and a labial postvocalic consonant, which leads us back to a contracted form of an old variant of bojowiec and bojownik as the most probable source.
(10) Esta seccion esta basada en De Boef, Suzanna (2000) y Keele, Luke y Susana De Boef (2004).
"The Political (and Economic) Origins of Consumer Confidence" by Suzanna De Boef and Paul M.
The movement to collect, document, and analyze indigenous knowledge began in the fields of agriculture and natural resources (see, inter alia, Agrawal, 1995; Chambers, 1983; de Boef, Amanor, Wellard, & Bebbington, 1993; Librando, 1994; Scoones & Thompson, 1994).
Sy probeer haar oortuiging tuisbring dat vroue sterk, onafhanklik en selfstandig kan wees en nie van mans afhanklik boef te wees me.
De Boef and Granato (1999) provided simulation results to show that the common 0.05 level of significance is rejected as much as 50 percent of the time with two stationary but unrelated series.
Methodology, Suzanna De Boef, Department of Political Science, Pennsylvania State University, 107 Burrowes Building, University Park, PA 16802; Phone: (814) 863-9402; Fax: (814) 863-8979; E-mail:
The visitors replied immediately and unexpectedly with a 20-yard drive from Pieter de Boef but Celtic didn't take long to reply.
(13.) On single equation error correction models, see De Boef and Keele (2008).