BOEIBenchmark of Organizational Emotional Intelligence
BOEIBoat Owners Exchange International (Hot Springs Village, AR)
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Trading firm Kyokuto Boei fell 48 yen, or nearly 15 percent, to 277 yen after the company said Monday it had over-billed the Defense Ministry from fiscal 2002 ending March 2003 to fiscal 2006.
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The series "Terrestrial Defense Corporation Dai-Guard" [Chikyu Boei Kigyo Dai-Guard) is from that rather overpopulated genre of piloted robot anime, which includes such shows as Evangellion, Big O, Pat Labor, Zoids, Brain Powered, Pilot Candidate, Sakura Taisen, Votoms, Escaflowne, Iron Leaguer, Macross and Macross Plus, as well as multiple iterations of the Gundam series.
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Hierdie kenmerke is nie tydgebonde nie en behoort ook die leser van die een-entwintigste eeu te boei. Die verteller skroom nie om Meraai se onaantreklikheid uit te spel nie: "Meraai het twee lelike, puntige moesies.
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BOISE Idaho BIOSE (OED), BISEO (OED cell 1305q), BOEIS (pl of boei, Dutch precursor of buoy, OED buoy), BOIES (OED bole), BOSIE (OED), I-BEOS (pl of I-beo, past part of be, OED), IBOES (pl of iboe, OED water 1918q), IOBES (proper noun, OED Saturn 888q), OBEIS (OED obey), OBIES (OED US Theatre awards), SEIBO (Santa Cruz del Seibo = El Seibo, East Dominican Republic CGNA)