BOELBiological Occupational Exposure Limits
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Rumours about a relationship between Albert and Ms Boel's mother, Baroness Sybille de Selys Longchamps, have been circulating for years.
Under the judgment, reported by Boel's lawyers on Monday, King Albert II must take the test within three months or risk being presumed to be her father — although his lawyers could seek to challenge the court's legal argument.
Boel believes that home games will help the team during the competition despite losing their first game.
Boel, who spent three years at the club before leaving for Boston, boosted a defence that had conceded too many and added an overlapping dimension as a full-back.
"I'm delighted that we now have a fresh EU organic food logo," said farm commissioner Mariann Fischer Boel.
Fischer Boel is ready to propose to the Commission the fixing of an exceptional extra period for introducing these parcel locations.
Speaking at the end of a series of meetings of EU ministers for agriculture and fisheries chaired by Swedenas Minister for Agriculture Eskil Erlandsson, Mrs Fischer Boel said: "Simplification is not a done deal, it is a rolling process and we will continue to work to find the best possible solutions."
Fischer Boel added that she is "very concerned" about the problem of contamination by "dust" from GMO maize detected in recent weeks in imports of American soy.
"We don't need 34 regulations to decide how round an artichoke should be or how thin a cucumber can be," said Boel's spokesman, Michael Mann, noting that such rules give the EU its reputation as an out-of-control bureaucracy.
There are few surprises in last week's formal announcement by EU agriculture commissioner Mariann Fischer Boel of her blueprint for the so-called CAP "health check".
Under the reform, farmers will be compensated for digging up five per cent of vineyards to curb overproduction although the original plan by EU Farm Commissioner Mariann Fischer Boel called for payments to get rid of more than double that amount.