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In addition to identifying the potential impact drilling would have on the state's natural resources and economy, Attorney General Kilmartin requests BOEM grant Rhode Island the same consideration of a waiver the Bureau granted Florida, stating "The interests, natural resources, and economic concerns of Rhode Island are as precious and as vulnerable as those of Florida.
In publishing the draft EIS, BOEM described the document as "another important step in the department's strategy of responsible resource development," and stated that the agency is "committed to working with [the] state, Alaska Native communities, investors, and all stakeholders when we analyze development and production plans.
BOEM has instructed W&T to provide additional supplemental bonding of USD260.
22) Accordingly, BSEE and BOEM are currently the two agencies
Meanwhile, there is likely to be continued demand for offshore leases in the Gulf of Mexico, and implementing these recommendations will help BOEM make smarter, more transparent, and more consistent decisions throughout its management of the OCS.
The acquisition of the company's first US lease area was approved by BOEM in June 2015 along the coast of Massachusetts.
266) After completing its five-year leasing plan, BOEM decided to lease a large portion of the Chukchi Sea for offshore oil and gas development.
lease sales to convey development rights in ocean tracts in the Gulf of Mexico, BOEM has offered leases for oil and gas development rights pursuant to treaty terms established in 2000.
gov) and BOEM specified that BOEM manage the project.
BOEM estimated the proposed lease sale could result in the production of 0.
But BOEM chief Michael Bromwich said on Tuesday the team was in the final stages of completing its investigation and the release of the report was imminent.
The OCS off Massachusetts also has significant potential for sustainable renewable energy, and we have worked for nearly a decade with BOEM and the Department of Interior on the responsible development of offshore wind that will soon become a key part of our regions energy future.