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"We coincided for one song," he recalls fondly -- though Nina had earlier been asked by reporters what she thought of Antenor Bogea and replied, "I don't know much about his music, but the little I know, I like very much", a response that still moves him immensely.
Profiles often deal in turbulent, up-and-down lives, but Antenor Bogea is a rare case of a stable, predominantly happy life.
Despite his slight patrician air, Antenor Bogea doesn't seem to be ruled by ego.
Mirtes Bogea, spokeswoman for the Sirio Libanes hospital, said: "Doctors signed her release and she left in the afternoon in a helicopter that someone sent to pick her up."
Renowned musician Antenor Bogea is bringing a taste of Brazil to Cyprus with a music event on Friday.
Brazilian musician and diplomat Antenor Bogea has been dedicating himself to both his diplomatic career and to music, his real passion.
Also in saada, three airstrikes hit Shuaib area of Razeh border district, two airstrikes targeted Sawh ara of Kutaf district, an air raid on Aal-Subhan of Baqem district and four airstrikes waged on Bogea area of Kutaf district.