BOGUBend Over, Grease Up
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Consulate General in Chengdu without permission as well as the reinvestigation into the suspected murder of British citizen Neil Heywood by Bogu Kailai, Bo's wife.
(115) See Nikolai Novikov, "O dostoinstve cheloveka v omosheniiakh k Bogu i miru," Utrennii svet (December 1777), reprinted in I.
Pojte k Bogu da vas sudi (18A) Pomiluj ju da ne zgine (18A) Za me Boga pomolite, / da me k sebi Bog primesi / ter mi prosti moji gresi (25A) Posli lubav po Isusa da ustanes iscelena s radostju (32A) Ter joj se priporucimo / da nas vsih obaruje (37B) Neka s' tugom potuguju, / druzim srdce da probuju (49B) Potisaj ti, Gospoje, / neka s' proliju suze moje (49A) Prived'te ju hrlo k meni / da opitam ime zeni (53) Zato tilo s krvju punim / neka dusu ja okrunim (53) Ne omersi pamet moju / da ne pustim veru tvoju!
The Hah commentator, Zheng Xuan (127-200), says the bearer of the spring rains is the jiu, glossed as the bogu (Liji zhengyi, 15.133 [1361]).
Priucavajte stoga djecu svoju vec u najnjeznijoj dobi, cim tepati pocnu, roditelje i rodake nazivati svojim jezikom, moliti se Bogu svojim jezikom i to jezikom cistim i lijepim.
I always eagerly await the passage "Slava vo vyshich Bogu ..." (Glory be to God on high), in whose apex Gabriela Benackova has set a frostily light flat tone.
(6) In the Testament and the Mohyla text the quotation is that the tsar should "iako Bogu ne gnevatisia, i iako smertnu ne voznositisia"; in the two Slavic versions of Agapetus we read "iako smertnu ne voznositisia, i aky Bogu ne gnevatisia" (329), a simple reversal of the order of phrases.
Fake notes area huge problem for many struggling businesses as the vast amount of bogu the c of bogus money flows around the country.
Subsequent chapters delve into Chen's work, guided by the idea that the artist must feed himself and his family and must therefore accommodate himself to the "market." These chapters discuss the style and meaning of Chen's paintings of Buddhist monks and hermits (chapter 5), his entrepreneurial tendency to reproduce images (chapter 6), and the set of printed playing cards called Venerating Antiquity (Bogu yezi) that Chen illustrated in order to augment his income (chapter 7).
Consulate General in Chengdu, and an intentional homicide case involving Bogu Kailai, Bo's wife.
(16) "Details of Intentional Homicide Trial of Bogu Kailai, Zhang Xiaojun,"Xinhua News Service, August 11, 2012,
Xinhua noted that "he consciously neglected his duty and bent the law for personal gain so that Bogu Kailai [how Gu has been referred to in official news] would not be held legally responsible."