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Earlier studies have reported various ranges of amplitude for carbon and glass fiber breakage, such as 60-75 dB (Bohse 2000), and 95-100 dB (Siron and Tsuda 2000).
(30.) Although Singer considered Menantes (Hunold) to epitomize German gallantry, Talander (Bohse) also easily fits the bill, as various scholars working after Singer have argued.
Far less explicitly political, and much less activist than Skrewdriver, Frankfurt's Bohse Onkelz attached themselves to the skinhead subculture in Germany and went on to play an early role in cementing the link between right-wing nationalism and the skinhead scene.
Although the ban helped to solidify the Onkelz' reputation as "Germany's most prominent Neo Nazi band," (36) the Bohse Onkelz were, nevertheless, not a "Nazi Rock" band, properly speaking.
music was punk rock at its most basic, incorporating shouted refrains reminiscent of the old cockney pub sing-a-long, the "Nazi rock" pioneered by bands like Skrewdriver and the Bohse Onkelz came closer to heavy metal.
Bohse Onkelz are Germany's fourth biggest-selling rock band and have since renounced their links with the extreme right.
Bohse, Acoustic emission examination of polymer-matrix composites, in, J.
SFC tests with 7-[micro]m carbon fibers, Bohse [39] showed amplitude of fiber fracture at 45-75 dB with the median value of 65 dB (WD sensor used; fiber unidentified, but ~late-90s vintage), comparable to usual GF fracture amplitude.
For example, Bohse [39] correlated fiber fracture to 500kHz peak using WD sensor while matrix fracture contains lower frequency peaks only.
Delamination-Opening: Bohse and coworkers [88, 89] studied Mode I (crack-opening type) delamination using DCB specimens and correlated AE energy with strain energy release rate ([G.sub.Ic]), supporting the concept of damage zone concept ahead of the crack tip.
and Bohse, J., Acoustic emission standards and guidelines 2002: a comparative assessment and perspectives, - 7 (09), September 2002; http: //www.ndt.