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monuste orseis caterpillars, had been recorded even earlier by several other authors (Medeiros & Boica Junior, 2005; Medeiros et al., 2007; Mata & Lomonaco, 2013).
This type of management has a series of advantages compared with the use of chemical insecticides, such as: no increase in production costs, no risks to human and animal health, reduction in quantitative and qualitative losses, no pollution to the environment and compatibility with other control strategies, since it does not eliminate natural enemies and does not leave pesticide residues in the food (Mazzoneto & Boica Junior, 1999).
Jesus FG, Boica Junior AL, Carbonell SAM, Stein CP, Pitta RM, Chioratto AF.
Fruit collectors favor leaves, flowers and fruits, and sucking insects (Flemiptera) with a high number of species incur higher damage on isolated trees (Freitas and Oliveira 1996; Oliveira 1997; Boica et al.
The rednecked peanutworm, Stegasta bosqueella Chambers (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae), is currently considered the most important lepidopteran pest of peanut crops due to the extent of damage and its occurrence in several regions (Boica Junior et al.