BOIEBiuro Obslugi Inicjatyw Europejskich (Polish: European Office of Limited Initiatives)
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Gerard writes, for example, that Ovid "describeth the transformation of the faire boie Narcissus" into a flower, but Gerard focuses more narrowly on the absence of the boy's body: "But as for bodie none remaind, instead whereof they found / A yellow flower, with milke white leaues, new sprong vpon the ground." The bodies of Hyacinthus and Adonis are barely more visible in Gerard's translation; in both cases, Gerard mentions only blood spilled on the ground.
Based on the Boie equation (see (4) and (5)), heating value per unit stoichiometric oxygen can be determined using (6).
Its author, Kirsten Boie, wants children to realize that a refugee child is just like any other kid in the world.
With the support of experienced workshop instructors and successful authors and illustrators such as Ute Krause, Kirsten Boie, Jutta Bauer and Sascha Hommer, the talented young authors and illustrators help to develop children as a generation of book lovers.
The consulate also got in touch with Deputy Police Chief of Palos Hills James Boie once the news was received.
Rus, Flaviu Calin, Corina Boie (Rotar), Veronica Ilies.
Usman Boie Kamara, the Minister of Trade and Industry of Sierra Leone, also emphasized, "Sierra Leone people are interested in Iranian cars and as long as IKCO has a site in Senegal, we can take advantage of that site to supply our demand; this also can lower our transportation costs due to our closeness to this country." "We require skilled and specialist workforce in this field and we seek cooperation with IKCO to develop our car making industry," added the Boie Kamara.
Capreolus pygargus tianschanicus Satunin Dinodon rufozona- tumrufozonatum Colubridae Cantor Elaphe dione Pallas Elaphe rufodorsata Cantor Elaphe schrenckii Strauch Gloydius ussuriensis Emelianov Rhabdophis tigrinus tigrinus Boie Columbidae Streptopelia orientalis Latham Cyprinidae Carassius auratus L.