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While the print media accuses the woman of all sins: `Kanwari Maan ne Gunahoon ka bojh kooray key dher par phaink diya'(virgin mother throws her burden of sins on a garbage dump) saat bachoon ki ma aashna key sath bagh gayi (mother of seven elopes with lover) many teleplays are using biased language like:`aurat to hoti hi Naqasul Aqal hey (a woman is intellectually inferior) baiti ka bojh jatni jaldi uttar jayey uttna hi acha hey (the burden of a daughter needs to be taken off as quickly as possible) etc.
Hukumat k lie hue itne sare qarzon ne maishat par bohot ziada bojh dal dia hai.
He recited some of the famous dohas: Station par khatm ki bharat teri khoj, Nehru ne likha nahi quli ke sar ka bojh and seedha sada dakiya kaam kare mahan, eik hi theile mein bhare aansu or muskan.
Different phrases were used--dil pay bojh (weight on my heart), chaubees ghantay fikr kay hun ikon gurda, maira saath kee hoyay ga (I worry twenty-four hours that I have only one kidney, what will happen to me), dil ghabaranda (my heart is restless, not at peace), and following nephrectomy hun himmat nahin raee (I have no strength/will left).
Less frequently, the colloquial terms bojh (burden), samasya (problem) or galti (mistake) were used in the media spots.