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BOLABattle of Los Angeles (Rage Against the Machine album)
BOLABusiness Open Learning Archive (business website)
BOLABovine Major Histocompatibility Complex
BOLABureau of Legal Affairs (Wisconsin)
BOLABovine Lymphocyte Antigen System
BOLABest of Luck Always (Internet slang)
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From an early age, Bola learnt the art of giving from her mum, who she described as a free giver, and also learnt that happiness comes not only from being able to wine and dine but also from knowledge that one is the reason others are able to eat and drink.
bola — a functional and fashionable way to accessorize and keep track of your glasses at the same time.
He said: "We are trying not to get their hopes up because we don't want them to be disappointed, but Bola can't help but feel excited.
She said: "We are really sad to have to say that despite everyone's fantastic support, Rafeeq and Bola were put on a plane to Lagos, Nigeria, on Friday night.
Cuando al chiquito le sale el primer diente lo primero que tiene hacer es enterrarlo detras de una plantita que se llama bola verde.
He said that about 12,000 animals would also be vaccinated in 28 Dehs of tehsil Thana Bola Khan.
Y ese termino bola, en una de sus acepciones, significa masa; es decir, ambos conceptos equivalen a un numeroso conjunto de humanos enlazados, pero totalmente deshumanizados, ya que se comportan como un simple rebano que no razona, no piensa ni valora, sino que obedece ciegamente a sus impulsos, o a quien los maneja a su antojo en virtud de intereses inconfesables.
Ms Bola told OT: "When I first agreed to volunteer, I didn't realise how much of an impact this conference would have in opening my eyes to what else there is in optometry for students.
The major histocompatibility complex (MHC), which in bovines is called Bovine Leucocyte Antigen (BoLA), has been widely studied, and some molecular markers associated to production, compositional quality of milk and sanitary problems have been identified, such as gene BoLA DRB3 (6).
Rose y Sullivan [1] son los primeros en estudiar trayectorias para una bola como cuerpo moledor teniendo en cuenta dichos efectos.
Volume 7, as the name suggests, is the seventh release from Bola, who, along with a handful of others, has pioneered the fusion of traditional kologo music (the kologo being a two-stringed lute made from a calabash resonator) with drum machines and synthesized rhythms.