BOLCBasic Officer Leader Course
BOLCBest On Line Casinos (est. 1997; website)
BOLCBelgisch Oog Laser Centrum (Dutch: Belgian Laser Eye Center)
BOLCBread of Life Church (Mission, TX)
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To overcome the first assignment hurdle faced by new quartermaster (QM), ordnance (OD), and transportation (TC) lieutenants, the commanding general of the Combined Arms Support Command directed that each logistics BOLC teach the basics of all logistics branches.
Officer BOLC Students have to face the reality that, unlike the classes of their predecessors, they are not guaranteed an immediate deployment to receive the highly coveted combat patch.
Instead, this is achieved through the dedication of AIT platoon sergeants, CBRN BOLC SGIs, and facilitators who interact with students and trainees on a daily basis.
BOLC III is akin to the Air Force logisticians technical school training offered at Lackland AFB, Texas.
21) According to Sergeant First Class Robert Elzy, BOLC II Tactical NCO, the approach called for in the ALM POI "is more difficult because the instructors must stand back and let the students learn through doing, but also know when to step in to keep students on course without wasting too much time, as some student leaders will flounder in trying to lead and solve the problem.
In BOLC I, soldiers learn warrior tasks, adaptive leadership development techniques, team building, and many other tasks.
BOLC II is a six-week course that endeavors to give Army officers in all branches a foundation of basic and common core training and experience.
Furthermore, most of the knowledge and skills that I acquired while attending CBRN BOLC are what I consider "perishable.
Blackburn during each phase of BOLC, platoon leader time is when a young officer is meant to benefit from the mentorship of NCOs and become proficient in engineer skills that he or she will grow to expect of all sappers.