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BOLDBlood Oxygen Level-Dependent
BOLDBarcode of Life Data System (Consortium for the Barcode of Life)
BOLDBurden of Obstructive Lung Disease (clinical study)
BOLDBrotherhood of Lost Dogs (band)
BOLDBelgian Online Libraries Directory
BOLDBenevolent Order of Law Dawgs
BOLDBibliographic On-Line Display
BOLDBuilding Our Lives Drug-free (anti-drug/alcohol program)
BOLDBibliographic Online Library Display
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Thou wilt never catch bold Robin Hood if thou dost not stand to meet him face to face.
I tell thee,'' answered De Bracy, ``that it will be the work of a few hours, and I shall be at York at the head of my daring and valorous fellows, as ready to support any bold design as thy policy can be to form one.
said Little John, "you are a bold man and hardy to come thus between me and my meat.
They rang throughout the seven rooms loudly and clearly, for the prince was a bold and robust man, and the music had become hushed at the waving of his hand.
The Italian Club/Fish/ Bakery Following the success of The Italian Club (85 Bold Street), owners Rosaria Crolla and her partner Maurizio Pelligrini opened another intimate venue a little bit further down (128 Bold Street) - The Italian Club Fish.
Being gas free, Bold gives up to 3 timed more value compared to ordinary gas based deodorant sprays.
Bold Legal's professionals have substantial business experience and knowledge and will use their business acumen to be creative problem solvers and make valuable contributions to clients.
Below are some memorable lines from "The Bold and the Beautiful" video for Jan.
Comparisons amongst the bold grains, growing in different segments of the spike (Tables 1, 2 and 3), distinctively projected that there were insignificant variations in their net dry matter collection amongst themselves.
To refresh your memory, the BlackBerry Bold 9900 features a 5MP camera onboard capable of 720p HD video recording, 3G/Wi-Fi/GPS/Bluetooth/microUSB/NFC connectivity, an optical trackpad, a document editor and 8GB of built-in storage space.
They close with a "Bold practice survey" that helps companies quantify eight specific practices and includes an action plan for how to build a bold brand.
3 : showing or calling for courage or daring <a bold plan>